Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Weekend

Everyone Claimes that they are Buddhist or Tibetan Buddhist, and Tibetan this and Tibetan That but just 1 simple Question, where have you been anywhere during the Christmas Weekend 06? We guess not much people think about those who is homeless.
Yup we went on the streets again, this time with more manpower, We gatheres at Kechara Mystical Treasures at Picolo Galleria, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur at 6p.m an with tons of Help from the volunteers, we manage to finish early that night and we head for a Steamboat Celebration after the event.
I really would like to Introduce you guys to the volunteers on this festive day.
From Left (Standing) : Dexter, Pat, Eng Zyan, Tiki, Maple, Geevan, Melvin, Fat Monk, KB, Su Ming, Joseph, Suzan, Maggie.
Fron Left (Below): Me (Tsondrue Gyatso, look nice in pink huh?) Karen, Phoebe, JJ and Heng
Well, we dont look compassionate but we are compassionate at heart, these guys here all 18 of us, went to the Streets on Christmas week where most people head to the Clubs and get Drunk! We finished quite early that day, somewhere around 9.30p.m.
Well I really love the way these people, taking time off their busy schedule. People like Tiki, Maple and Joseph works around the clock and to be free on Saturday is so rare, and These guys just take a couple hours off and joined us without even having time for a nice dinner, I salute you guys!
Alot of really touching photos are taken down, Will post it by next week.
Nothing to do on Saturday Evenings?
Join us at:
Kechara Mystical Treasures,
Picolo Galleria, Bukit Bintang (Next to Lot 10)
Kuala Lumpur.
Dont be late! We start at 6!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Refuge

Taking Refuge is something new to me, the ceremony is simply but what we have to go through is un describe able. It started 4 days before refuge ceremony, where I cannot put myself together to decide on weather to take the refuge or not. Since my Guru, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche announced that he will be giving refuge on Tsongkhapa Day, I cant hardly walk, sleep and eat. Basically I really wanted the Refuge, but I was thinking "Do I really understand what is Refuge?" And by the way, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche seldom gives Refuge, and when he gives tons of people will be on the Que up list!

2 day before the ceremony, at last I manage to pull myself together and say "I'll do it". But the challenge here is, I'm running out of TIME! Lucky I manage to get hold of May from Kechara House and BEGGED her PLEASE TAKE ME IN !!!, fortunate enough for me I manage to squeeze through and get my name on the Refuge List.

1 day before the Refuge... The HARDEST day of my life, the day seems like months and by the time it is 2 noon, I have smoked more than 1 packet of ciggies cause I have not get any information on weather have Rinpoche Approved my Refuge Request... Please! I was begging in my heart as everyone else got a call to confirmed their refuge.

Finally! my Turn! My heart is pounding and I'm jumping up and down! Feel like striking a lottery man! Later on that same day, I went to get some refuge presents for Rinpoche, well basically I took me hours just to select what I want to get for Rinpoche.

It ended up with the basics (body, speech and mind) which includes a Tsa Tsa, a Dharma book and a Stuppa. On top of that, I was so excited, I got him a Candle, a box of Incense and a Mala ( if you wanna know more.

I went for the Official Ceremony the next day being refreshed and the ceremony lasted until 5a.m the next day, everyone is dead tired but we just love it!

Wanted to know what happen in between? Wait for the next post