Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dharma Rocks!

Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and more Tibetan Buddhism, why not we take a break today and lets praise my guys here for the good work again!

Theres only 1 word for these volunteers of the "Kechara Soup Kitchen" GREAT! Lets focus on The Practice of Tibetan Buddhism this week. How many of us as a Buddhist chants everyday? How many of us goes to temples in a week? Have we change? or have we not?

To me, Buddhism is only a practice, Compassion is the name of the Religion, in Buddhism, we learn about the 4 Nobel truth and so much more to be mentioned here. Have we really Practice Buddhism?

Last New Year weekend we broke our record for the 1st time. Every single one in our group, skips the chance to go back to home town or going for a reunion family dinner, and head to the streets and offer food to the homeless.

Su Ming, if you are reading this, I salute you! Guys, from a nice cosy family dinner, Su Ming (the one in Hawaii shirt take the family out to the streets and join us " the Kechara Soup Kitchen" to feed the homeless, Speaking of Buddhism practice, is this more benificial than sitting in a room with 4 walls and start to Namo.. Namo.. Namo... ?

Thats it! Every single one here deserve a salute, I nearly have to shead tears when I saw so many people volunteered! We have never ended our food distribution so fast before, we started a bit late around 6.30p.m and we manage to finish everything before 8p.m normally it will take us until 10 p.m

Just to share with you the names of these cool people.

The Photo of 6 People consists of:

From Left: Melvin, Geevan, Shan, Midra (from Nepal) Me (the one in white) and Su Ming

The Photo of the whole Gang:

From Left: Pauline (the one who asked me more than 5 times, am I gay? Sorry Honey, Am NOT!) Kee Heng (Su Ming's Brother), Mrs. Chuah (Su Ming's Mother), Han Nee (Su Ming's Aunt), Maggie, JT, Joy, Maggie, Mike and ME AGAIN !

The 2 Guys Above: JJ and James

The 2 Ladies Below : Su Ming and Wan (From Thailand)

Missing in the photo:

Justin (thanks for being the Driver)

Shirley (thanks for being the camera man)


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Weekend

Everyone Claimes that they are Buddhist or Tibetan Buddhist, and Tibetan this and Tibetan That but just 1 simple Question, where have you been anywhere during the Christmas Weekend 06? We guess not much people think about those who is homeless.
Yup we went on the streets again, this time with more manpower, We gatheres at Kechara Mystical Treasures at Picolo Galleria, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur at 6p.m an with tons of Help from the volunteers, we manage to finish early that night and we head for a Steamboat Celebration after the event.
I really would like to Introduce you guys to the volunteers on this festive day.
From Left (Standing) : Dexter, Pat, Eng Zyan, Tiki, Maple, Geevan, Melvin, Fat Monk, KB, Su Ming, Joseph, Suzan, Maggie.
Fron Left (Below): Me (Tsondrue Gyatso, look nice in pink huh?) Karen, Phoebe, JJ and Heng
Well, we dont look compassionate but we are compassionate at heart, these guys here all 18 of us, went to the Streets on Christmas week where most people head to the Clubs and get Drunk! We finished quite early that day, somewhere around 9.30p.m.
Well I really love the way these people, taking time off their busy schedule. People like Tiki, Maple and Joseph works around the clock and to be free on Saturday is so rare, and These guys just take a couple hours off and joined us without even having time for a nice dinner, I salute you guys!
Alot of really touching photos are taken down, Will post it by next week.
Nothing to do on Saturday Evenings?
Join us at:
Kechara Mystical Treasures,
Picolo Galleria, Bukit Bintang (Next to Lot 10)
Kuala Lumpur.
Dont be late! We start at 6!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Refuge

Taking Refuge is something new to me, the ceremony is simply but what we have to go through is un describe able. It started 4 days before refuge ceremony, where I cannot put myself together to decide on weather to take the refuge or not. Since my Guru, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche announced that he will be giving refuge on Tsongkhapa Day, I cant hardly walk, sleep and eat. Basically I really wanted the Refuge, but I was thinking "Do I really understand what is Refuge?" And by the way, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche seldom gives Refuge, and when he gives tons of people will be on the Que up list!

2 day before the ceremony, at last I manage to pull myself together and say "I'll do it". But the challenge here is, I'm running out of TIME! Lucky I manage to get hold of May from Kechara House and BEGGED her PLEASE TAKE ME IN !!!, fortunate enough for me I manage to squeeze through and get my name on the Refuge List.

1 day before the Refuge... The HARDEST day of my life, the day seems like months and by the time it is 2 noon, I have smoked more than 1 packet of ciggies cause I have not get any information on weather have Rinpoche Approved my Refuge Request... Please! I was begging in my heart as everyone else got a call to confirmed their refuge.

Finally! my Turn! My heart is pounding and I'm jumping up and down! Feel like striking a lottery man! Later on that same day, I went to get some refuge presents for Rinpoche, well basically I took me hours just to select what I want to get for Rinpoche.

It ended up with the basics (body, speech and mind) which includes a Tsa Tsa, a Dharma book and a Stuppa. On top of that, I was so excited, I got him a Candle, a box of Incense and a Mala ( if you wanna know more.

I went for the Official Ceremony the next day being refreshed and the ceremony lasted until 5a.m the next day, everyone is dead tired but we just love it!

Wanted to know what happen in between? Wait for the next post

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ganden and Gelupa

Ganden was founded by Je Tsongkapa Lozang-dragpa(1357-1419). Je Tsongkhapa was prophesied by Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddha once said, After I have passed away from this world, when the earth becomes desolate, you (Lama Tsongphapa) will take the form of a child and enact the deeds of a Buddha.

One the the previous life of Lama Tsongkapa, as a small boy, he offering the Buddha a crystal rosary, Buddha then said that this small boy who has given me a crystal rosary will restore my teachings at a degenerate time in the future. The small boy was given in return a conch shell that had been presented to the Buddha by a naga king. Buddha entrusted this shell to his disciple, and the disciple was told to buried it in Tibet as an auspicious treasure for the future spread of the teachings.

Ganden Monastery comprises of two colleges, Jangtsey and Shartsey, which means, North Peak and East Peak respectively. According to one belief, they were named after their location to the Ganden's main temple.

On the 29th and 30th of each Tibetan month, the Jangtsey monks perform a full day rituals for their protector, while Shartsey performs the same rituals on the 28th and 29th. Each division also has its own assigned protector. On every 15th of Tibetan month, each individual division performs for a full day rituals of its protector.
As for the other two main Gelug monasteries in the Lhasa, their assigned protector of the Common Assembly of Drepung Monastery is Nechung, and Drepung Gomang's protector is Six-Armed Mahakala. The assigned protector of the Common Assembly of Sera and Sera Jey is Jamsing, Sera Jey is also has another protector known as Yangsang form of Hayagriva and Sera May's Assigned protector is Teu.

All three Ganden, Sera and Drepung Monastery, follows the early summer retreat from the 16th of the sixth Tibetan month to the 30th of the seventh month. During this retreat, a discourse is traditionally given based on Tsongkhapa's "Lamrim-chenmo" also known as the "Great Exposition on the Graded Stages of the Path".
The initial scope of the teachings are given by the junior of the Jangtsey and Sharjey Chojeys where the intermediate scope is taught by the senior of the two, the advanced scope will be taught by the Ganden Tripa.
Currently The monk population of Ganden was officially listed as 3,300, but back in 1959 it was 7,500. The monastery was totally torn down by the Chinese Communist. At present, the actual building is being partially reconstructed in Tibet. Where else In India, Ganden Monastery has been relocated in Mundgod, Karnataka State.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Day I met Chenrezig, the Compassion Buddha

It was raining that evening I called my Dharma brother, David and Dharma sister Su Ming and asked her where is the best place to distribute the meal for those poor homeless people,It was Saturday and I left work at 6 pm and rushed to Town (Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur) with Anita, already in town waiting for me there is 2 dharma brothers JP and JJ, we manage to get hold of 10 packs of delicious halal rice and 22 packs of bread. We started our work, walking around looking for those poor folks who is desperate for a meal to fill their tummy for dinner.

We started to drove out from JP’s Hotel and head down the road, JP told us he spoke to one of the poor man in front of his hotel and passed him the a packet of dinner that we bought for them. According to JP, the poor man wished to be helped, and wish to have shelter and surprisingly he speaks good English.

We started to go around, giving food to people whom needed the simple but yet delicious meal, we even gave them some bread for their breakfast the next day. On our way, I spoke to this man sitting there in the middle of the road begging for money, I gave him the food and squad and speak to him. He said that he tried to look for a job, but he couldn’t get one and he had criminal record before and he had no choice but to ended up begging on the streets. I felt really sad listening to him, I had been doing so many wrong things yet I can be forgiven, but why this poor man was not given a chance to change? I then questioned myself.

We then stop by at Pudu Raya and start walking around with JP in the car as it is almost impossible to get a parking, we walked along the streets, we met so many disable people and they are singing, selling tissue paper and begging for money, me JJ and Anita approached them and they delighted to see the meals. And by that time I realized, stupid me! I forgot the most important thing, the water.

Then, I saw two man rushing against our direction and it looked as if they were late for something, and then I realized that this two man were our Dharma Brothers from Kechara House, Adrian and Fung with packets of fried noodles, biscuits and most importantly, WATER !

We then gather ourselves and decided to go in 2 groups, me and Fung will be walking to the Central Market and distributing the meals on the way and the rest of the guys will drive to central market and start distributing there. We walked in main roads, small roads, we walked everywhere.

We met up with Adrian in Central Market as we have finished the food that we are carrying and 3 of us walk as a group and distribute the food. It was around 8.30pm when all of us gathered again and JP and JJ need to leave the group as there were only 5 packets of rice left and both JP and JJ need to go home for dinner and JP was also rushing to go for his first Saturday Migstemathon.

Then only the 4 of us left, Adrian, Fung Anita and me. As it was getting a bit dark out there, we decided to go somewhere else with more homeless people which needed the help (so that we can finish and rush ourselves to Migstemathon)

We finally finished at 9.05 pm and realized that Su Ming called again. She called to give us more directions that we might want to try out. But we had just finish distributing the food and it is getting real dark out there already, so we decided to call it a day until we get more help by the following week.

We left with smelly and soaking wet socks (just for me) we left for home and JP, Fung and I meet up again at migtsema after we went home and bath (except for Fung as he is not sweating)

By the time I reached Kechara House, I met up with Joseph and discusses on what else we can give to them besides food, and we came out with a few suggestion, Towel, Clothings and Fruits will be consider in the near future.

I didn’t actually see the Compassion Buddha, as I understand, seeing the qualities of the Compassion is like seeing the Compassion Buddha himself.

I see the Compassion Buddha in JP, when he ask about the shelter and speak to the homeless people and cares for them
I see the Compassion Buddha in JJ, when he even wants to check everywhere and hope to distribute more meals and hope not to miss any of them.
I see the Compassion Buddha in Anita, when she follow is along and helping out all the way and hope to locate more locations where we can help more people.
I see Compassion Buddha in Fung and Adrian, when they were made to walk along every single road of Pudu Raya to search for the homeless people and hope that everyone gets a good meal.
I see Compassion Buddha in Su Ming, as she care about the homeless people so much when she even called us up around 9pm just to share areas to distribute the meals.
I see Compassion Buddha in Joseph, when I noticed that he wants to add in some fruits for these unfortunate ones. Just like the Doctor always says, An apple a day Keeps the Doctor away.

I was very proud of this team we had and I would proudly say round of the meal distribution and we will try to improve more on the distribution itself.

Brief History of Buddhism in Tibet and the Effect of the Chinese Cultural Revolution 7th century

Tibet was previously filled with fragmented, tribal, war‑loving people. When Tsong Tsen Gampo was chose to became the ruler of Tibet, he imported the philosophical of Buddhism, which had been flourishing in India for centuries. Later his successor, Trisung Detsen, made it the official religion of Tibet.

The once‑violent nation of Tibet had became fully transformed by this new appreciation for depth and true worth of human life. It was an evolution, Tibet then became one of the finest civilizations the world has ever seen. It became a nation where the people is filled with patience, tolerance, generosity, love for learning, and loving‑kindness. Many Monasteries and learning centers sprang up across the Tibet and the Buddhist values of compassion and wisdom infused the people of there.

Unfortunately, this unique and beautiful civilization was destroyed in year 1959 during the invasion of the Chinese. The Chinese Cultural Revolution took more than 1.2 million Tibetans lives between 1959 and 1972. Approximately 6000 centers of Tibetan culture and Religion were destroyed. As a result, Tibetans continue until today to seek refuge across the globe.

The Tibetan government exiled in Dharamsala located in India and was headed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, they struggles constantly to achieve independence for the people of Tibet. Maintaining their commitment to non‑violence, unfortunately the Tibetan government has not successfully negotiate with the Chinese who will not meet with His Holiness regarding the freedom of it's people.

Tibet also had no formal recognition from any government in the world. Their hosts, the Indian government, is cautious about the reaction of their Chinese neighbors, and prefer to dampen the effect of any political action taken by the exiled community.

In order to support the exile government's efforts at the preservation of the cultural legacy of Tibet and its people, the last few surviving members of Tibet's former centers of learning have re‑established in India. Focusing upon the survival of their culture and people who face extermination, these monasteries and institutions are the only hope for assuring the continuation of these rare and valuable teachings on the way of existence. One of the first such voluntary centers in India is the Gaden Shartse Monastic College.

Power of Chanting

Speaking of Chanting, does anyone really know anything about it? The guy in grey on the left chants with the wrong posture (well dont mind him, he's new) The correct posture to chant is like Ben, the white shirt guy on the Right (except the hand should be at heart level).

Well some people might think that chanting is done by only elderly people where they have nothing to do. Infact this is all wrong, At Kechara House (a branch of Ganden Monestary) , Kuala Lumpur is in fact the place where young people gather and practice the teachings of Buddha.

Have you ever heard of the book Buddha Blue Jeans? Come on! it is year 2006 now, do you expect religions to stop revolving? People in Kechara House chants for the Health of their Guru and clearing of Obstacles.

There are many different types of mantra that can be chant without initiation, for example the Medicine Buddha's mantra can be chant when we have people who is sick and a Setrap Puja can be done to clear off Obstacles.

Well I know you wont belief me, but this happen to us last week, we went out on our regular food Distribution for the Homeless, it started to rain. A few of us who is lucky enough to have Oral Transmission of the Mantra Migstema, chanted the mantra and prayed for the rain to stop so that we can help the homeless. Guess what? Of Course the Rain Stop Immediately, we have tons of food to distribute to the homeless ya!

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