Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dharma Rocks!

Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and more Tibetan Buddhism, why not we take a break today and lets praise my guys here for the good work again!

Theres only 1 word for these volunteers of the "Kechara Soup Kitchen" GREAT! Lets focus on The Practice of Tibetan Buddhism this week. How many of us as a Buddhist chants everyday? How many of us goes to temples in a week? Have we change? or have we not?

To me, Buddhism is only a practice, Compassion is the name of the Religion, in Buddhism, we learn about the 4 Nobel truth and so much more to be mentioned here. Have we really Practice Buddhism?

Last New Year weekend we broke our record for the 1st time. Every single one in our group, skips the chance to go back to home town or going for a reunion family dinner, and head to the streets and offer food to the homeless.

Su Ming, if you are reading this, I salute you! Guys, from a nice cosy family dinner, Su Ming (the one in Hawaii shirt take the family out to the streets and join us " the Kechara Soup Kitchen" to feed the homeless, Speaking of Buddhism practice, is this more benificial than sitting in a room with 4 walls and start to Namo.. Namo.. Namo... ?

Thats it! Every single one here deserve a salute, I nearly have to shead tears when I saw so many people volunteered! We have never ended our food distribution so fast before, we started a bit late around 6.30p.m and we manage to finish everything before 8p.m normally it will take us until 10 p.m

Just to share with you the names of these cool people.

The Photo of 6 People consists of:

From Left: Melvin, Geevan, Shan, Midra (from Nepal) Me (the one in white) and Su Ming

The Photo of the whole Gang:

From Left: Pauline (the one who asked me more than 5 times, am I gay? Sorry Honey, Am NOT!) Kee Heng (Su Ming's Brother), Mrs. Chuah (Su Ming's Mother), Han Nee (Su Ming's Aunt), Maggie, JT, Joy, Maggie, Mike and ME AGAIN !

The 2 Guys Above: JJ and James

The 2 Ladies Below : Su Ming and Wan (From Thailand)

Missing in the photo:

Justin (thanks for being the Driver)

Shirley (thanks for being the camera man)