Monday, December 18, 2006

Power of Chanting

Speaking of Chanting, does anyone really know anything about it? The guy in grey on the left chants with the wrong posture (well dont mind him, he's new) The correct posture to chant is like Ben, the white shirt guy on the Right (except the hand should be at heart level).

Well some people might think that chanting is done by only elderly people where they have nothing to do. Infact this is all wrong, At Kechara House (a branch of Ganden Monestary) , Kuala Lumpur is in fact the place where young people gather and practice the teachings of Buddha.

Have you ever heard of the book Buddha Blue Jeans? Come on! it is year 2006 now, do you expect religions to stop revolving? People in Kechara House chants for the Health of their Guru and clearing of Obstacles.

There are many different types of mantra that can be chant without initiation, for example the Medicine Buddha's mantra can be chant when we have people who is sick and a Setrap Puja can be done to clear off Obstacles.

Well I know you wont belief me, but this happen to us last week, we went out on our regular food Distribution for the Homeless, it started to rain. A few of us who is lucky enough to have Oral Transmission of the Mantra Migstema, chanted the mantra and prayed for the rain to stop so that we can help the homeless. Guess what? Of Course the Rain Stop Immediately, we have tons of food to distribute to the homeless ya!

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