Monday, December 18, 2006

The Day I met Chenrezig, the Compassion Buddha

It was raining that evening I called my Dharma brother, David and Dharma sister Su Ming and asked her where is the best place to distribute the meal for those poor homeless people,It was Saturday and I left work at 6 pm and rushed to Town (Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur) with Anita, already in town waiting for me there is 2 dharma brothers JP and JJ, we manage to get hold of 10 packs of delicious halal rice and 22 packs of bread. We started our work, walking around looking for those poor folks who is desperate for a meal to fill their tummy for dinner.

We started to drove out from JP’s Hotel and head down the road, JP told us he spoke to one of the poor man in front of his hotel and passed him the a packet of dinner that we bought for them. According to JP, the poor man wished to be helped, and wish to have shelter and surprisingly he speaks good English.

We started to go around, giving food to people whom needed the simple but yet delicious meal, we even gave them some bread for their breakfast the next day. On our way, I spoke to this man sitting there in the middle of the road begging for money, I gave him the food and squad and speak to him. He said that he tried to look for a job, but he couldn’t get one and he had criminal record before and he had no choice but to ended up begging on the streets. I felt really sad listening to him, I had been doing so many wrong things yet I can be forgiven, but why this poor man was not given a chance to change? I then questioned myself.

We then stop by at Pudu Raya and start walking around with JP in the car as it is almost impossible to get a parking, we walked along the streets, we met so many disable people and they are singing, selling tissue paper and begging for money, me JJ and Anita approached them and they delighted to see the meals. And by that time I realized, stupid me! I forgot the most important thing, the water.

Then, I saw two man rushing against our direction and it looked as if they were late for something, and then I realized that this two man were our Dharma Brothers from Kechara House, Adrian and Fung with packets of fried noodles, biscuits and most importantly, WATER !

We then gather ourselves and decided to go in 2 groups, me and Fung will be walking to the Central Market and distributing the meals on the way and the rest of the guys will drive to central market and start distributing there. We walked in main roads, small roads, we walked everywhere.

We met up with Adrian in Central Market as we have finished the food that we are carrying and 3 of us walk as a group and distribute the food. It was around 8.30pm when all of us gathered again and JP and JJ need to leave the group as there were only 5 packets of rice left and both JP and JJ need to go home for dinner and JP was also rushing to go for his first Saturday Migstemathon.

Then only the 4 of us left, Adrian, Fung Anita and me. As it was getting a bit dark out there, we decided to go somewhere else with more homeless people which needed the help (so that we can finish and rush ourselves to Migstemathon)

We finally finished at 9.05 pm and realized that Su Ming called again. She called to give us more directions that we might want to try out. But we had just finish distributing the food and it is getting real dark out there already, so we decided to call it a day until we get more help by the following week.

We left with smelly and soaking wet socks (just for me) we left for home and JP, Fung and I meet up again at migtsema after we went home and bath (except for Fung as he is not sweating)

By the time I reached Kechara House, I met up with Joseph and discusses on what else we can give to them besides food, and we came out with a few suggestion, Towel, Clothings and Fruits will be consider in the near future.

I didn’t actually see the Compassion Buddha, as I understand, seeing the qualities of the Compassion is like seeing the Compassion Buddha himself.

I see the Compassion Buddha in JP, when he ask about the shelter and speak to the homeless people and cares for them
I see the Compassion Buddha in JJ, when he even wants to check everywhere and hope to distribute more meals and hope not to miss any of them.
I see the Compassion Buddha in Anita, when she follow is along and helping out all the way and hope to locate more locations where we can help more people.
I see Compassion Buddha in Fung and Adrian, when they were made to walk along every single road of Pudu Raya to search for the homeless people and hope that everyone gets a good meal.
I see Compassion Buddha in Su Ming, as she care about the homeless people so much when she even called us up around 9pm just to share areas to distribute the meals.
I see Compassion Buddha in Joseph, when I noticed that he wants to add in some fruits for these unfortunate ones. Just like the Doctor always says, An apple a day Keeps the Doctor away.

I was very proud of this team we had and I would proudly say round of the meal distribution and we will try to improve more on the distribution itself.

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Good Job Man! Keep It up!